VoIP systems for small to large businesses

Epygi Technologies is committed to delivering integrated communication solutions to meet your specific needs. Epygi's QX and Quadro IP PBX and Gateway products are the result of years of careful planning, expert design and exhaustive laboratory testing by R&D engineers. Their goal is to provide you with affordable products, features specific to your company's unique needs with ease of installation, maintenance and use. Epygi is also cross-certified with a broad selection of IP phones and SIP providers, in order to provide you with a completely integrated communications package.

Epygi makes one of the most robust solid-state IP PBX appliances. With over a decade of performing consistently well, Epygi is a IP PBX to consider when solid state and reliability are an issue. Epygi designs and manufacturers IP PBX appliances that serve primarily the SMB and SOHO markets. Epygi markets a very complete line of feature-rich IP PBX units along with gateways that bridge IP and traditional public network telephony.

Using its own IP PBX call manager software based on the SIP standard, Epygi combines telecommunications network knowledge with emerging computer telephony protocols and state of the art electronic design to deliver a robust Voice over Internet Protocol utility.

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