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Yealink & Microsoft Global Virtual Roadshow 2021

July 29, 2021

Join Yealink and Microsoft on Tuesday August 10 for the Australian/New Zealand version of their Global Virtual Roadshow 2021.

Together, Yealink and Microsoft will discuss the trend of communication and collaboration in the hybrid workplace and explore the challenges businesses might face.

What to expect

  • Global trends about video conferencing and personal collaboration in hybrid workplaces
  • Insightful opinions from Microsoft & Yealink about hybrid workplace meeting experiences
  • Team and individual challenges in hybrid working
  • Microsoft & Yealink Teams Room Solutions to meet your needs
  • Microsoft & Yealink long-term partnership and product roadmap
  • Product introductions from both commercial and technical perspectives
  • Product demos and real-time Q&A

Roadshow Speakers

Kurt Petersen

Kurt Petersen
General Manager
Global Device Partner Sales at Microsoft

Andrew Higgs

Andrew Higgs
Partner Technical Specialist for Teams Meeting room devices at Microsoft.

Valerie Huang

Valerie Huang
Yealink Channel Sales Executive

Alloy now offers paying for your order in instalments

December 01, 2020

Alloy offers our Resellers the ability to pay for their orders in instalments over time through Procuret - it's another way we look to add value to our Resellers.

Additionally, Alloy's Resellers can use Procuret to provide a digital 'Pay in Instalment' option for their customers. The process is frictionless and cash-flow efficient, helping our Resellers get paid sooner.

Vist our Pay by Instalments page for more information.

Pay In Instalments

Yealink T4U Series IP Phones & Migration Strategy

September 17, 2020

The new-gen T4U series greatly improves the call experience and work efficiency with dual USB ports, Ultra HD sound quality, faster response speed, and even more advanced features. The new T4U series will be a powerful assistant for modern business.

yealink t4u series

Distraction-Free HD Communications
The Yealink T4U series provides distraction-free communications with Yealink's industry-leading Acoustic Shield Technology. Moreover, by leveraging Yealink's Optima HD audio technology, and the addition of Opus to its broad audio codec list, Yealink's new T4U series guarantees HD sound quality and a distortion-free communication experience.

Dual USB Ports, Strong Scalability
All T4U models are equipped with dual USB ports, meaning the entire series allows users to connect two Bluetooth dongles, Wi-Fi dongles, EHS40 headset adapters, USB headsets or USB disks at the same time. With dual USB ports, the new T4U series flexibly adapts to various scenarios and demands.

Color Expansion Module EXP43
Equipped with Yealink's new EXP43 expansion module, the new T46U/T48U offers a full-color experience, while the former EXP40 only supports grayscale color mode. Moreover, when the EXP43 connects to the T43U grayscale phone model, the interface automatically switches to grayscale mode, making it more unified.

Yealink T3 Series IP Phones & Migration Strategy

September 17, 2020

Yealink new T3 series is a classic and cost-effective entry-level business IP phone for daily desktop voice communications. Featuring superior HD audio performance, 5-way local conference function, EHS wireless headset supporting, and proven integration of Yealink Device Management Platform, T3 series maximizes productivity and enhances collaboration for businesses of various scales.

yealink t3 series

Stronger Performance, More Possibilities
Equipped with powerful chip, the T3 series owns a stronger computing ability and more upgraded functions, which ensures a higher productivity and smoother office experience. Due to great performance, T3 series is capable to extend more services for different business demands.

Superior HD Audio, Better Communication
The Yealink T3 series provides distraction-free communications with industry leading Smart Noise Filtering Technology, which delivers excellent sound quality without extraneous noises and allows fluent conversations.

Classic Design, Practical Details
Designed by Yealink original team, T3 series inherits the design concept of Yealink IP phone family. The advanced design including modern appearances and ergonomic details enables easier and friendly operation experience to users.

All in One Platform, Convenient Management
Proven reliability and integrations for Yealink Device Management Platform, installed the unified firmware, T3 series is simple to deploy and manage, which allows a significant reduction in the operation and maintenance cost.

Powerful video conference safeguard - Reliable data and privacy protection

July 08, 2020

From architecture to data protection, Yealink Meeting puts a lot of importance on building a reliable solution to offer a stronger security protection, which includes data isolation, disaster recovery etc. With highly secured audio-video conferencing services, you’re going to enjoy every meeting fluently and safely!

yealink meeting security

Industry-leading secure foundation
All cloud-based services of Yealink Meeting are hosted within highly secured Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides safe and reliable conference services.

Highly secured data protection
All communication data is encrypted in transit, including user information, meeting recording and other application data, providing robust protection to inside classify information or meeting content.

International official privacy compliance
With compliance of GDPR and CCPA, Yealink Meeting guarantees the privacy security of individuals and organizations.

Multiple security settings for admins
Customizing management of the admins, including identify authentication, role assignment and access control etc. ensure secured meetings.