Alloy Automated Integration

Automated Integration

Our aim is to assist you in creating a seamless integration, streamlining the way you transact with Alloy.

As a reseller of IT hardware, networking and telephony products you are no doubt aware of the ever evolving product landscape. Keeping up-to-date with continual changes in products is a time consuming exercise and to relay those changes to your own systems taxes your time even more.


Partnering with Alloy saves you time!

We provide a collection of sophisticated web-based services, when used together, provide you with a high level of autonomy - freeing up your valuable time. By leveraging Alloy's automated integration services, you can keep your systems up-to-date with ease.

Our automated integration services are available to Alloy Authorised Resellers that have registered for EasyBuy. If you have an EasyBuy account, please login for details on how to utilise the following services:

  • Product Data Feed is a real-time listing of the products in our current price lists, designed to assist you in staying up-to-date with our products, their details and pricing.
  • Express API provides first-class integration availability via REST or SOAP services. These are especially useful for resellers managing their own eCommerce systems or those who like to automate their processes.

Need help with your integration? We can help!