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An enterprise telephone must work in a wide variety of business locations and situations, including the hall, the reception area, the call center, the busy office, the executive suite, the warehouse or the remote office. It must provide connectivity to a variety of devices and technologies such as Bluetooth, Power Over Ethernet (POE), headsets and LAN. It must also have relevant security mechanisms in place on our products to prevent telephone misuse.

Snom phones work for a variety of traffic levels, with features such as single calls, multiple line monitoring, conference calls, busy repeat calls, calls from known contacts, calls on hold, Do Not Disturb and call avoidance. Phones must also fit the office conditions, be able to be mounted in the place of choice and be easily accessed. Snom phones are integrated into office life, with simple training requirements, ease of use and ease of deployment.

To support all these requirements over the years, Snom developed feature sets that cover every possible office scenario; a Snom phone has more than 700 settings that can be combined to give you maximum effectiveness for your daily work. The requirements will vary depending on the user's application and are only achieved by paying close attention to customer feedback and continuously testing to ensure delivery of requirements.

Desk IP Phones

This bestselling line of telephones is feature rich and powered by proven, established Snom software that fulfills all requirements for advanced business telephony – including Wideband HD audio for crystal clear conversation, robust CTI integration, Bluetooth capabilities, HD displays and support for security standards such as TLS and SRTP.

Snom Desk Phones
Snom Desk IP Phones

DECT IP Phones

The Snom family of DECT products ensures that business users don't sacrifice functionality and quality with increased mobility. DECT product users can move from their desks without losing the ability to manage incoming inquiries.

Designed for use in small and medium-sized businesses to reduce cabling costs and allow rapid installation, or in front office and corporate environments to provide user mobility, Snom DECT solutions use a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technologies.

Snom DECT Phones
Snom DECT Phones


Snom headsets are tested specifically for use with the Snom telephones, and they are designed to be comfortable to wear. The microphone is noise-cancelling so there is no compromise on voice quality.

If you are on a call for a long time, or you need your hands free for other tasks while speaking, a headset is a good way to enhance your productivity and comfort.

Snom Headsets
Snom Headsets

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