Advanced Replacement Contract (ARC)

As with most manufacturers and distributors of ITC and other technology equipment, the products that Alloy supplies via its Reseller channel are supported with a standard 'Return To Base' warranty, of varying duration depending on the vendor and specific item. As the term implies, if a piece of equipment fails and Alloy's Technical Support Department ascertain that there is a likely hardware fault, processes are followed to have that item returned to Alloy's main facility in Melbourne. Our turn-round performance for repaired or replaced standard warranty jobs is excellent - but there are many situations where downtime must be kept to a minimum. For these situations, Alloy offers two related services; Extended Warranty (EW) and Advanced Replacement Contracts (ARC).

Neither of these services are designed for use in relation to true mission critical systems, where systems are often active 24/7 and potential downtime must be avoided except in extreme situations and system resuscitation must be measured in hours at the most. For these systems, Alloy advocates the purchase of equipment for wheel-in or failover standby systems, and/or the use of specialist 24/7 system maintenance companies.

For other important network and communications systems the purchase of an Alloy next business day ARC, perhaps complemented by an Alloy Extended Warranty, may well provide just the right level of equipment protection for your network. An EW and ARC can be purchased with selected Alloy products from your Alloy Reseller.


Alloy offers an Advanced Replacement Contract for use with the majority of our products. This service safeguards the customer in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. If a hardware failure does occur and is reported to our Service Department, Alloy will ensure that an Advanced Replacement unit is delivered to the customer within the shortest possible time. If no Advanced Replacement service has been purchased for a specific product, then Alloy will deal with the reported faulty item as per the terms of our standard warranty.

How long does an ARC last?

An ARC lasts for one calender year from the Invoice Date issued against your Purchase Order for the ARC.

Can I renew an ARC?

An ARC can be renewed in the month prior to the ARC's period ending.

How to calculate annual cost of an ARC?

Alloy indicates on its published price lists the annual ARC cost for all products for which an ARC can be purchased. The ARC codes are in the far right column of the price list, and are shown as A, B, or C code ). These codes show the cost for that product of an ARC as follows:

  • A = 10% of ex GST purchase price
  • B = 12% of ex GST purchase price
  • C = 15% of ex GST purchase price
When can I purchase an ARC?

Your first ARC is purchased at the same time as the product it is covering is purchased.

In exceptional cases, an ARC can be purchased up to one calendar month after the shipping date of the product(s) concerned. Such requests are looked at on a case-by-case basis. Contact Alloy's Service Department with such requests.

How can I purchase an ARC?

To order an ARC with a particular product please add a line item for each ARC to be purchased on your official Purchase Order:

  • ARC Part Number: this is in the form of "AR-partnumber". The product Part Number can be found on Alloy's current price lists
  • The calculated cost of the ARC (see previous section)

If Alloy has agreed to issue an ARC in the 30 day period after you purchased your product(s), place a new order on Alloy containing the following information:

  1. ARC Part Number: for the products you have purchased, in the form of "AR-partnumber"
  2. The calculated cost of the ARC(s). (1 and 2 expressed as a P.O. line item)
  3. Product Part Number(s) of the items you have purchased and are purchasing an ARC for (details from your Alloy Invoice)
  4. Product Serial Number(s) (details from your Alloy Invoice)
  5. Product Purchase Date (details from your Alloy Invoice)
Items 3-5 expressed as a note on your P.O.
Confirmation of an ARC

Alloy will issue a Tax Invoice for Purchase Orders received for ARCs, with full details of the ARC, including a listing of the products covered and the serial numbers of those products.

Renewal of an ARC

Alloy will send yearly renewal notices, approximately one month before the expiry of the ARC.

Reseller support of an ARC

Alloy will support its Reseller channel with access to the purchase of ARCs and services based on individual Resellers current Alloy discount level, as shown in the Resellers current Alloy price lists.

Resellers should, wherever possible, make their customers aware of the option of purchasing an ARC when purchasing an Alloy product.

ARC Renewal notices will be forwarded to the Reseller annually. It is the responsibility of the Reseller to ensure that the ARC renewal notice is forwarded to the end customer.

Resellers may offer an ARC to their customers up to 30 days from the initial purchase date, but only after contacting Alloy and with Alloy's approval (see above).

ARC Terms and Conditions
Scope of Advanced Replacement Contract
  1. An Advanced Replacement Contract is purchased for a specific product, based on that products Serial Number. The contract is only valid for Advanced Replacement of the product that it was purchased for, as identified in the Alloy Invoice issued to the customer when the order is accepted
  2. An Advanced Replacement Contract cannot be used with multiple items
Requesting Advanced Replacement in the event of product failure
  1. Product faults and requests for an Advance Replacement unit to be shipped must be reported to Alloy's Service or Technical Support Departments by 3pm on a business day in order for the Advanced Replacement unit to be shipped that day
  2. Customers must provide the serial number for the product requiring Advance Replacement, and the invoice date for that product. Alloy may require the customer to send a copy of the Tax Invoice for the product concerned
  3. Customers requesting an Advance Replacement unit will be required to sign and return a document that provided to them by the Alloy technical services representative; this signed form must be returned to Alloy prior to Alloy shipping the Advance Replacement unit. This form is used by Alloy as a "proof of request" for Advanced Replacement
Shipping of Advanced Replacement Product
  1. Advance Replacement services are available from Alloy on business days only (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in the state of Victoria)
  2. Advance Replacement items are shipped by Alloy to your nominated address. Items will be shipped with a freight courier of Alloy's choice, on a 'next day' service wherever possible. Alloy's ability to ship Advance Replacement units is dependent on the services of the freight courier carrying the goods. In general, freight courier companies offer 'next day' services to Australian capital cities and nominated regional centres. Alloy will ensure the most appropriate freight service is used for 'next day' delivery wherever possible, but customers should note that if the destination address is not supported by a 'next day' service by a freight courier service, the Advance Replacement goods will have a longer transit time
  3. 3.If Advance Replacement times are subject to events beyond our control after the goods have been shipped, alloy can make no guarantee of 'next day' delivery. In particular Alloy cannot take responsibility for delays incurred by courier companies. Any problems of this nature should be reported to Alloy and we will take all steps we can to resolve delivery problems
Life Span of Advanced Replacement Products
  1. ARCs cannot be purchased for a product once it is discontinued or stated as 'End of Life' (EOL) by Alloy
  2. Advanced Replacement contracts will only run for the length of the products warranty period. Once the warranty period has expired, Advanced Replacement contracts can no longer be purchased for that product. If Extended Warranty contracts have been purchased for the product, an Advanced Replacement contract can then be extended to cover this extended warranty period
  1. A product or component of a product that has been subject to abnormal electrical or mechanical abuse, negligence or accident (as determined by Alloy) is not covered by this Advanced Replacement
  2. If a product is returned and is deemed to have failed due to one of the above listed reasons, then the customer will be required to either: return the advance replacement unit, purchase the advanced replacement unit, or return the Advance replacement unit and pay for repair of the original unit based on standard service department charges
Customer Responsibilities
  1. Customers are required to return the failed product and any power supplies that are used by the product, but retain all original Documentation, CD's, Cables and other accessory items supplied with the original product. Alloy will ship the Advanced Replacement unit in the original packaging or suitable replacement packaging without accessories as listed above
  2. All return transporting and insurance costs of the faulty product(s) to Alloy shall be paid by the owner
Partial coverage of Advanced Replacement Product
  1. If a specific product is of modular design, then Alloy recommends that all components of the product are covered by individual Advanced Replacement contracts. If certain components within a modular product do not have an ARC service offered, then Alloy will not supply those components in the event of a Advanced Replacement request
  1. Alloy reserves the right to provide an equivalent product when unable to provide an exact replacement
Pricing and Review of ARC and ARC Services
  1. Advanced Replacements are based on standard list pricing at the time of purchase, as published in Alloy's current price lists. Any discounts applied to the sale of the product itself will not be passed onto the Advanced Replacement service for that product - the cost of an ARC is based on the standard price of that product
  2. Alloy reserves the right to not renew a specific ARC at the completion of it's 12 month period, or to cease offering new ARCs for a specific product at any time. Alloy annually review ARC service pricing structures