The Zultys Difference

Zultys is proud to deliver their award-winning, all-in-one IP phone system to companies of all sizes. Their MX platform is the most compelling, feature-rich enterprise-level IP PBX telephone system in its class today and allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice, Unified Communications and contact center solution without the complexity or added costs of the other leading brands.

With Zultys, you can manage your phone system your way. Their MX system can be deployed on-premises, virtually or on a cloud-based hosted platform. It's built to scale, grow, and evolve as needed, so you can get the business communication solution you need today with the peace of mind of knowing that your investment is protected when needs change or as technology advances.

Whether you are replacing an old phone system, moving or expanding offices, need to enable home, remote and mobile employees, or upgrade your contact center to increase productivity, Zultys can help move your business forward. You can connect all of your offices and people together into a seamless network, using desk phones, computers, tablets or smart phones. Your employees can work, communicate and collaborate as a single integrated team to boost productivity and enhance the quality of service provided to your customers.

Zultys IP Phones Systems

IP Phone Systems

These systems integrate with Unified Communications and possess networking capabilities of up to 10,000 employees and 128 locations.

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Zultys IP Phones

IP Phones

Our ZIP series ranges from executive-level phones with full-color displays, to a home office solution for remote workers.

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Zultys Unified Communication

Unified Communication

Unified Communications enables your staff to use audio and video conferencing, mobile client, instant messaging and much more.

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Zultys Contact Center

Contact Center

This powerhouse of resources helps to manage call center agents' workflow and run comprehensive, custom-built reports for managers.

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Zultys Multi-Site Connectivity

Multi-Site Connectivity

National and International businesses locations can rely on MXnetwork to bring all the flexibility of our Unified Communications solution.

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Zultys Platform Integration

Platform Integration

Zultys systems work with third-party applications to bring further control over things like call handling and email integration.

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