Alloy Preconfiguration Services

Preconfiguration Services

Our certified professional service technicians can configure your phone system to your customer's requirements, doing the hard work for you!

Alloy offers complete IP Phone system preconfiguration services to our resellers.

Alloy's certified professional service technicians will configure your phone system to your customer's requirements. Just let us know what you need and Alloy will do the hard work for you!

Alloy offer three levels of pre-configuration services for 3CX, Grandstream and Epygi phone systems (see tables below).

Choose the level required by your customers and we will configure your complete system. You simply plug it in at your customer's site... It doesn't get any easier!

Let Alloy help you drive more business by giving you the opportunity to sell.

3CX, Grandstream and Epygi Phone Systems

Phone system preconfiguration order codes
† For preconfiguration of more than 100 phones please contact your Alloy Account Manager for a quote.
* Dependent on the phone system purchased.
** Applies to Alloy Supplied Gateway product only.