Extended Warranty

As with most manufacturers and distributors of ITC and other technology equipment, the products that Alloy supplies via its Reseller channel are supported with a standard 'Return To Base' warranty, of varying duration depending on the vendor and specific item. As the term implies, if a piece of equipment fails and Alloy's Technical Support Department ascertain that there is a likely hardware fault, processes are followed to have that item returned to Alloy's main facility in Melbourne. Our turn-round performance for repaired or replaced standard warranty jobs is excellent - but there are many situations where downtime must be kept to a minimum. For these situations, Alloy offers two related services; Extended Warranty (EW) and Advanced Replacement Contracts (ARC).

Neither of these services are designed for use in relation to true mission critical systems, where systems are often active 24/7 and potential downtime must be avoided except in extreme situations and system resuscitation must be measured in hours at the most. For these systems, Alloy advocates the purchase of equipment for wheel-in or failover standby systems, and/or the use of specialist 24/7 system maintenance companies.

For other important network and communications systems the purchase of an Alloy next business day ARC, perhaps complemented by an Alloy Extended Warranty, may well provide just the right level of equipment protection for your network. An EW and ARC can be purchased with selected Alloy products from your Alloy Reseller.


Alloy products offered for sale by Alloy are supplied with a manufacturers warranty. The conditions of a warranty can vary from product to product. In particular, the warranty period can vary - typically, products are supplied with warranties that last for 1, 2, 3, or 5 years from date of purchase, although some product warranties are designated 'Lifetime' (generally, conditions are made on lifetime Warranties, and details of these should be checked before purchase).

Where the standard warranty period for a specific item offered for sale by Alloy does not offer a sufficiently long period for a customer's requirements, an Extended Warranty (EW) can be purchased.

What products can an EW be purchased for?

An EW can be purchased for any product offered on a current Alloy price lists other than those products with a 5 year or longer warranty

By how long can a Standard Warranty be Extended?

By a maximum of two years. For example, a product is purchased with a 1 Year standard manufacturers warranty. The customer orders an Extended Warranty for a further 2 years. The total warranty period is now 3 years.

What does an Extended Warranty give me?

An extended warranty applies the same product warranty coverage as in the standard warranty, over the period of time the EW has been purchased for.

What unit of time can an Extended Warranty be purchased in?

An EW can be purchased in 1 year increments (up to the maximum total extended period given above).

When can an Extended Warranty be purchased?

An EW can be purchased either:

  • At the time of purchase of the product it is being applied to.
  • No later than 50% through the period of the standard warranty for the product concerned, as defined by the date of Invoice (e.g., an Edge-Core ES4710BD Chassis Switch is purchased with a 1 year standard manufacturers warranty. An Extended Warranty for a further 1 or 2 years can be purchased no later than 6 months after the date of invoice for the original purchase of the ES4710BD).
How can I check what Standard Warranty is provided with a product?

The standard warranty period is shown on your current Alloy price lists for all products, in the column with the header "W". The period is shown by a code for years (i.e. "3Y" = 3 year standard warranty period), or "L", which denotes Lifetime Warranty.

How can I check which products are eligible for an Extended Warranty?

Using the same "W" headed column on your current Alloy price list, note that all products that do not have a "5Y: or "L" code are eligible for an extended warranty (i.e. "1Y", "2Y" and "3Y").

How to calculate annual cost of an Extended Warranty

On your current Alloy price list, on the far right column (Headed "ARC"), there is a series of codes used to provide a percentage factor for calculating ARC contract costs and EW costs. The values given are "A", "B", or "C". These codes show the cost for that product. The percentage factors are:

  • A = 10% of ex GST purchase price
  • B = 12% of ex GST purchase price
  • C = 15% of ex GST purchase price
How is an Extended Warranty purchased?

To order an EW with a particular product please add a line item for each EW to be purchased on your official Purchase Order:

  • EW Part Number: this is in the form of "EW-partnumber". The product Part Number can be found on Alloy's current price lists
  • The total number of years required for the EW (1 or 2 years maximum)
  • The total calculated cost of the EW (see previous section).

If purchasing an EW after you purchased your product(s), place a new Purchase Order on Alloy containing the following information:

  1. EW Part Number: for the products you have purchased, in the form of "EW-partnumber"
  2. The calculated cost of the EW contract(s). (1 and 2 are expressed as a P.O. Line item)
  3. Product Part Number(s) of the items you have purchased and are purchasing an EW for (details from your original Alloy Invoice)
  4. Product Serial Number(s) (details from your Alloy Invoice)
  5. Product Purchase Date (details from your Alloy Invoice)
Items 3-5 expressed as a note on your P.O.

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions
Scope of Extended Warranty
  1. An EW is purchased for a specific product, based on that products Serial Number. The EW is only valid for the product that it was purchased for, as identified on the Alloy Invoice issued to the customer when the order is accepted
  2. An Extended Warranty cannot be used with multiple items
Requesting Services for a product with an Extended Warranty
  1. In the event of apparent product failure during the period of an Extended Warranty, the customer must contact Alloy's Technical Support or Service Departments
  2. Customers must provide the serial number for the product requiring EW services, and the invoice date for that product. Alloy may require the customer to send Alloy a copy of the Tax Invoice for the product concerned
  3. The process for assessing and remedying a product during the period of an Extended Warranty is the same as the standard warranty process
  1. In general, the same exclusion that apply to a standard warranty apply to an Extended Warranty (e.g. Warranty is voided where a product has been subject to abnormal electrical or mechanical abuse, negligence or accident, as determined by Alloy
  1. Alloy reserves the right to provide an equivalent product when unable to provide an exact replacement
Pricing and Review of Extended Warranties and EW Services
  1. EW's are based on standard list pricing at the time of purchase, as published in Alloy's current price lists. Any discounts applied to the sale of the product itself will not be passed on to the calculation of the cost of an Extended Warranty for that product
  2. Alloy reserves the right to not renew a specific EW at the completion of a 12 month period, or to cease offering new EW contracts for a specific product at any time. Alloy annually review EW pricing structures